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PowerUp Training: Sign up for Tech Tuesdays and Webinar Wednesdays  

2016 May 4
by HISD Communications

Variety of summer learning opportunities available for secondary teachers.

Summer 2016 will include a variety of personalized, PowerUp professional learning opportunities for teachers, CITs, and school leaders, including Tech Tuesdays and Webinar Wednesdays. Interested participants are invited to choose their own path of learning to prepare for student success in the 2016-2017 school year. Registration is available now in eTRAIN until June 12.

Monday Funday- Text and Tech Tool Discussions

These “book club”-style, casual get-togethers will meet at fun places throughout the city and will feature short text readings and analysis of tech tools.  Participants are invited to attend some or all in a topic series.  Readings, tech tools, and discussions will be different for each session.

Click here for locations and more details on each session.

Mondays beginning June 6         

810 a.m., 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., and/or 3-5 p.m.

Series Topics:  Inquiry, Genius Hour, Universal Design for Learning, Blended Learning, PBL

Monday Funday Topics: eTRAIN #

  • Inquiry: CU2803
  • Genius Hour: CU2804
  • Universal Design for Learning: CU2802
  • Blended Learning: CU2805
  • Project-based/Problem-based Learning: CU2801

Tech Tuesdays and Thursdays – Hands-On Workshops

These opportunities for face-to-face support and collaboration will provide participants with practice using and creating tech tools for classroom lessons.  Following a conference-style format, sessions will allow participants to choose from an array of topics on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays throughout the summer.

Tech Tuesdays & Thursday Topics: eTRAIN #CU2808

  • Digital Portfolios for Students –Tech options for student portfolios
  • Master Course Obstacle Course – Practice planning for, using and customizing the Secondary Curriculum and Development Master Courses
  • Tech Tools by Instructional Area– Learn many different options for supporting specific instructional practices with technology
  • Technology Supports in the ELL Classroom – Learn about specific tools and experiences to accelerate English language acquisition and increase access for ELLs
  • Learners Choose – An open lab for instructional technology support
  • HUB Adventure with Support – Become proficient with the HISD “HUB”
  • College Board Online Tools – Scoring Portal, Instructional Planning, Resources for Students (presented in collaboration with College Readiness and College Board)

Webinar Wednesdays

The Secondary Curriculum and Development Instructional Technology team will offer a series of webinars on Wednesdays throughout the summer. HISD digital content providers will join to discuss access to online resources. Participants should register in eTRAIN and plan to participate remotely, using a provided webinar link. Click here for more information on session topics.

Webinar Wednesdays: eTRAIN # CU2807

  • How to Access and Use Digital Textbooks and Other District-Adopted Materials – Assistance for teachers, CITs, and school leaders in learning about how to access and optimize HISD’s district-provided, digital materials (course-specific and text/platform-specific, i.e. Pearson Algebra 1 math book, etc.)
  • Transformative Technology Integration – Models of inquiry, PBL, digital student portfolio development, blended learning, and UDL (Universal Design for Learning).
  • College Board SAT Scoring Portal – Use of the portal to inform instructional decisions


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