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Keep Attendance Records High During Test Season 

2018 March 9
by HISD Communications

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New Principal at Northside High School takes Attendance to a new level

With testing season quickly approaching, it’s crucial to students’ success that campus administration create a plan of action to make contact with parents and guardians of students who miss school prior to testing day.

A few strategies your team could include: checking parent/guardian contact information before test administration begins, confirming contact information in Chancery, or making contact with parent/guardian of absent students to inform them of testing day.

March Attendance Spotlight

Every month, the Student Assistance Department recognizes a different school and school leader for their efforts to make attendance a priority on their campus. For March, the team is recognizing Northside High School and its new principal, Cecilia Gonzales.

Upon her arrival at the campus, Gonzales has implemented strategies, including a bi-weekly Graduation Support Meeting that includes the principal, counselors, attendance clerk, registrar, nurse, CIS, college counselor, and all APs and their administrative assistants. The committee handles things from tracking daily attendance reports to managing best interventions for at-risk students to get them on track for graduation, including scheduled phone callouts twice a month to parents.

For monitoring and intervention, the campus attendance clerk runs a daily report of the campuses that have students with 10 or more unexcused absences, which allows administration to place students with chronic absences on an attendance contract and tracker. Students are then responsible for having each of their teachers sign the tracker document and return it to their assistant principal each day.

Gonzales and her team also take advantage of the school program Remind 101 to remind juniors and seniors of their tardies and absences.

It’s no doubt that at Northside that the principal and her team keep attendance a priority among students and parents. Don’t forget, you can review the Weekly Teacher Download for strategies and resources that will help keep students motivated and encouraged to come to school.

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