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New Appraisal and Development System for Teachers

2011 June 1
by HISD Communications

I remember when I was a principal I would shiver every time I got a memo with this subject line: TRAINING. I always had things to do that I thought were much more important than sitting in a room for another seminar about this or that. This week, we asked our School Improvement Officers to take time out of their busy schedules to attend training sessions focused on our new appraisal and development system for teachers. They wrapped up this afternoon and I have been hearing good things. The SIOs are excited about the new system, and they believe, as I do, that it will help boost student achievement. Teachers will be rated on multiple measures in three major categories: student performance, instructional practice, and professional expectations. Our teachers have been asking for a new appraisal process and this system was created with input from thousands of educators. You can hear from some of them in this short video produced by HISD TV.

Later this month, principals and other appraisers will get the training memo. SIOs will train them on the key elements of the new system. I am confident they will see the workshops as an opportunity to learn about new ways to support our teachers and students.

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