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Options and information: two critical benefits of college fairs

2016 February 10
by HISD Communications

At HISD, our goal is to prepare each and every student for college and careers. Our schools are the launching point for Global Graduates, who stand ready to contribute to the workforce and economy straight out of high school.

To give these young people a head start on their plans for higher education, our College Readiness Department is promoting four different college fairs this month. College fairs are a great place for students to learn more about the schools and degree plans that interest them. Representatives are usually on hand from dozens of institutions, with details on everything from scholarships and admissions requirements to fraternal organizations and campus life. But two of the biggest advantages these events offer families are a bit more intangible: options and information.

Without information on the many financial aid packages available, some students might think that college is just a dream. But knowing just how much assistance is out there can open their eyes to possibilities they may not have considered — and the realization that they have options — because higher education is absolutely within their reach.

Last year, HISD’s senior class received a record-breaking $265 million in scholarship offers. I am confident that the Class of 2016 can do just as well, if not better.

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