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HISD’s Twilight High Schools Help Students Earn Their Diplomas

2011 September 1
by HISD Communications

Take a look at this picture of Gary Banks in his cap and gown. He sure is a proud HISD graduate! You can see on his face a real sense of accomplishment, and with good reason. Gary graduated last spring after making the decision to return to school.

This past Friday, HISD’s Twilight High Schools held a reception to honor Gary and other recent graduates of the program. We created Twilight High Schools in November of last year to help students who find it difficult to attend class during the regular school day. The program offers non-traditional hours at seven locations throughout the city where students can do online coursework at their own pace. Twilight High Schools have graduation coaches to help students, and Gary says his coach, Elizabeth Carswell, played a big role in his decision to finish school.

Gary’s parents were at the celebration on Friday. One of our staff members talked to his mom, Kim.

His parents aren’t the only ones who are proud. Gary, congratulations! You worked hard and you’re a role model for all those who are thinking about going back to school to earn a diploma.

If you know someone who is looking to return to school, encourage them to call our Dropout Prevention Office at  713-556-7017.

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