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Recognizing HISD Principals

2011 September 8
by HISD Communications

Yesterday, we had our monthly meeting with HISD principals. We spent some time discussing our strategy to ensure that principals, teachers, and students clearly understand the objectives outlined in the state’s standards, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. This is some of our most important work, and you can read my recent eNews message for more of my thoughts on preparing students to meet these standards.

As we always do during these meetings, we also took some time to recognize a couple of our outstanding principals. Gabrielle Coleman and her team at the MLK Early Childhood Center are doing a marvelous job. I was proud to present Gabrielle with a Team HISD baseball cap as a token of our appreciation for all her hard work.

When I walk into the MLK Early Childhood Center, I can immediately tell that the children are not only having fun, they’re also developing the skills they need to be successful in future years. The teachers there say that the kids “play with a purpose” and the students are eager to learn. Here is one of our WOW (Within Our Walls) videos showcasing the great things happening within the walls of the MLK Early Childhood Center.

During the meeting, we also recognized Isabel Palacios, the principal of Oates Elementary School. Her school has one of the highest attendance rates in the district and has been recognized by local and statewide advocacy groups.

It’s always great to be able to spend time with our outstanding principals. It is, in large part, because of their leadership, that I have great confidence that HISD will become the best school district in America.

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