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HISD Students’ Artistry on Display

2012 May 17
by HISD Communications

As I walk through the halls of our district administration building, I am delighted by the display of vibrant student artwork! From every grade level, our artistically talented students have created some breathtaking pieces. If you haven’t had a chance to roam the students’ gallery, I recommend you stop by this evening for the 2012 Visual Arts Spring Showcase.

More than 30 schools participated in the showcase, which was installed on May 4. The presentation starts at 6 p.m. tonight (May 17). Three principals—one from every grade level—will be honored with art from their students as a prize. Board President Mike Lunceford will also be presented with a piece. Music will be played by various school choirs and jazz bands, and snacks will be provided.

I’m excited to see how our students are flourishing in their art classes. The artwork on display makes me proud of our students’ boundless talent and the teachers who are guiding them. Come by and see for yourself!

Click here for a slideshow

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