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A Year of Remarkable Achievement

2012 June 1
by HISD Communications

I think I speak for everyone at Team HISD when I say what a rewarding year it has been.

Students are heading home for the summer, our high schools are preparing for graduation ceremonies this weekend, and teachers are preparing lessons for summer school. In our rear-view mirror, we can see many achievements.

We embraced a new teacher appraisal and development system that greatly elevates the level of quality interaction between teachers and their principals. We helped the 9,000-plus students who are graduating this weekend earn college scholarship offers that total a record $172 million. And that number continues to grow!

I spoke with several of our highest-performing teachers over the phone today. Teachers like Willie Mae Wolf of Burbank Elementary. Willie Mae is the epitome of a role model for our kids. She is always willing to mentor other teachers, offering effective teaching strategies that work in her classroom. She shared with me that she believes keeping students as the primary focus is the key to our future successes at HISD. I couldn’t agree with her more.

The school year may be coming to a close, but the work isn’t over. Our teachers are leading critical summer school classes that will help countless students get back on track to graduation and college. Many other members of Team HISD will be back at work during the summer as we build on the foundation that will lead our students to even greater achievement in 2012-2013.

I look forward to the great things we can accomplish next year. I am proud to be surrounded by great parents, teachers, principals, and staff who put children first in everything that they do!

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