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Consideration of a New Bond Referendum

2012 July 16
by HISD Communications

The HISD Board of Education has begun an important discussion – one that has far-reaching implications for every one of the 279 schools in the district. This is especially true for many of our aging high schools.

Under a proposed $1.89 billion bond program, HISD would rebuild, renovate or renew 42 schools across Houston, including 28 high schools. Within that proposal, nearly $224 million would be dedicated to security and technology upgrades for all schools in the district.

The average age of HISD secondary schools now stands at 50 years, compared to 39 years for the district’s elementary schools. According to independent school facilities experts, many of these high schools are no longer able to accommodate the best instructional approaches for helping students meet rising academic expectations.

School construction and renovation work approved by HISD voters in 2007 is nearing completion on budget. So far, HISD has opened 16 new or replacement schools under that bond program, six more new schools are under construction, and two more are in the planning stage. More than 100 HISD campuses have undergone renovations so far. Click here for more detailed information about the work completed under the 2007 bond program.

Houston’s prosperity is rooted in the great high schools built generations ago by our city’s visionary leaders who knew the value of a solid long-term investment. Now is the time for today’s generation to step up and follow their lead.

Houston’s high schools should be places of pride for the neighborhoods and, more importantly, the students that they serve.

We’ve come a long way at HISD, but meeting the demands for updated, consistently safe schools continues to be a priority. It’s in our children’s best interest and an investment that will pay off for decades to come.

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