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Pursuing a Deep Well of Opportunity

2012 July 23
by HISD Communications

We know how important it is to prepare our kids for college and meaningful careers, and it’s something that every member of Team HISD is committed to, working hand in hand with parents and families. It’s especially gratifying to see the local business community get behind that effort.

Thirteen oil and gas companies across the city gave HISD students the unique opportunity to participate in the International Petroleum Association of America’s Summer Externship Program.

The externship program gives students from the district’s Petroleum Academies the chance to work side by side with oil and gas industry professionals. I don’t think there is a more valuable experience for students who want to pursue a career in the field.

I have personally seen this program provide a light-bulb moment for students who are trying to decide on their college and career paths. This year, Jazmine Delatrinidad of Milby High School said her experience sealed her desire to work in the oil and gas industry – adding that she didn’t know that such a wide array of career options was possible.

Opening the door to possibility is perhaps the greatest service we can provide our students as a school district. I hope we can continue this rich partnership and cultivate others just like it!

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