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Four Cheers for Team HISD

2012 August 29
by HISD Communications

On Tuesday, I had a chance to gather with members of HISD’s central office staff at the beginning of what’s shaping up to be a great school year. Four brand-new schools opened their doors, school buses ran on schedule, and we fed breakfast to elementary and middle school students—right in their classrooms.

The best part of the two meetings for me was passing out Team HISD hats to four of our hard-working staff members: Chester Glaude, a Senior Manager in the Transportation department; Alan Delaney, a Transportation Training and Support Manager; Mark Shenker, Director of the High Schools Office; and Veronica Mabasa, Interim Manager in Board Services.

Chester and Alan have been instrumental in getting our bus fleets and drivers ready to go for the new school year, implementing extensive training on emergency evacuations, counterterrorism measures and CPR and first aid. Much of the training was a first for the department. I’m happy that we have employees like Chester and Alan who are pushing to make HISD a safe and secure district.

Mark has been invaluable in navigating state accountability requirements and data, ensuring principals have the necessary tools and plans to successfully implement strategies around End of Course (EOC) exams. Veronica managed the Board Services office for August seamlessly with over 100 registered speakers, stepping into the manager position while handling numerous agenda items and organizing bond workshops—all the while remaining calm and serving as a role model.

Bravo to these hard-working examples of the best of Team HISD. I’m already counting the days until I pass out the next batch of hats!

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