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School leaders setting an example

2013 February 6
by HISD Communications

I’ll bet we all know someone who put themselves through college working a full- or part-time job. Marcy Baez, the principal at Jane Long Academy, did just that working as a pharmacy technician. Now she tells her students, “If I can do it, you can do it.” Students in the School for Pharmacy Technology at Long are earning an associate’s degree while still in high school, and they’re developing skills that will allow them to work as a pharmacy technician just as soon as they earn their diploma.

[vimeo width=”300″ height=”169″] Stanley Sandoval, student at Long Academy, explains how the pharmacy technology program is preparing him for a career as a surgeon
[vimeo width=”300″ height=”169″]Learn more about HISD’s strong Career and Technical Programs

I was proud to recognize Marcy and present her with a Team HISD baseball cap at today’s monthly principals’ meeting.

Marie Moreno, the principal at Las Americas Newcomers School, also earned a hat this morning. Las Americas is a phenomenal school that specializes in helping immigrant children get acclimated to life in the United States. I shared a story about the campus at last week’s State of the Schools event, and echoed that again this morning.

Marie Moreno and Marcy Baez earned Team HISD baseball caps.

Our final hat of the day went to Condit Elementary School Principal Fred Bowyer, who is retiring this week after almost 30 years in HISD  As we say back in North Carolina, “Fred’s good people.” He has a heart of gold and he loves children. I’ve watched him make hard decisions – always with the goal of doing what’s best for kids. Fred, thank you for what you have meant to HISD and the entire Houston community.

Condit Elementary School Principal Fred Bowyer, retiring this week after almost 30 years in HISD, received a hat.

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