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Support: HISD’s distinguishing feature

2013 March 27
by HISD Communications

Last Saturday, teachers from all across the country came to the Hattie Mae White Educational Support Center to learn more about HISD and what makes it different from other large urban school districts.

More than 200 educators attended the event (read more about that here), and I am proud to say that the factor many of them cited as the district’s key attraction was “support.”

At HISD, we are committed to ‘Becoming Great All Over’, and that means providing the highest caliber of support and professional development to our teachers.

One of the most exciting support partnerships in the district right now is the one we have with Doug Lemov, author of Teach Like a Champion. A pilot program incorporating many of the strategies from his book is now in its second year at seven of our campuses, including Edison Middle School, which Lemov recently visited.

There, teacher Mical Roy told him about how he had read Lemov’s book in graduate school, but never felt he was given the support and guidance needed to implement the strategies described until he joined HISD. (Read more on that story here.)

My hope is that more highly effective teachers will recognize our commitment to excellence and the incredible growth opportunities available to them in this district—and make the same decision that many of their colleagues have—to join Team HISD.

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