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Your Voice survey helps us become great all over

2013 April 18
by HISD Communications

Any championship team will tell you that to get to the top, they had to work together.

That’s why our latest effort is one of the most important initiatives to date.

HISD will be launching Your Voice, the largest survey in the district’s history, on Wednesday, May 1, 2013.

More than 160,000 district stakeholders—made up of campus administrators, teachers, students, parents, and other community members—will have the chance to answer 40 questions next month to help us gauge how well we are doing, and in what areas we still need improvement.

Parents, employees, and community members will complete the survey May 1–20, while students in grades 3–12 will be asked to respond May 20–31.

The survey is being handled and the results are being tallied by an independent third-party, so respondents’ confidentiality and anonymity are assured. It is my hope that by taking this approach, we have made it easy to give honest, helpful feedback.

We can’t get better if we don’t know what’s wrong, and we can’t move forward without everyone rowing in the same direction. Your Voice should help us in in our quest to “become great all over.”

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