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Signs of progress

2013 April 25

It’s one thing to know that you are making progress, but it’s another thing entirely when other people start to sit up and take notice.

HISD has had a lot of people noticing us in the past couple of months. Last month, we learned that the district was once again a finalist for the prestigious Broad Prize in Urban Education—for the second time in as many years. Last week, we set a new record for the most schools to earn a spot on the Washington Post Challenge Index, and on Monday, we learned that HISD has half of the top 30 schools in the greater Houston area, as rated by the Children at Risk organization.

This is an exciting set of developments by any measure, but it’s even more exciting when you stop to think about what it actually means—that we are succeeding in our quest to put a highly effective teacher in every classroom and a highly effective principal in every school, and HISD students are getting a top-quality education as a result.

You can learn more about some of these outstanding campuses and many other fine programs at our third annual School Choice Fair, which is scheduled to take place this weekend at the district’s headquarters.

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