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The importance of having the right tools for the job

2013 July 10
by HISD Communications

You wouldn’t send a firefighter into a burning building without a heat-resistant suit, a heavy-duty water hose, and lots of training on how to squelch flames in different situations, because doing that job effectively requires a very specific set of skills and equipment.

The same principle applies when it comes to our campus leaders. To be successful, our principals need every tool at their disposal to do their jobs well—and whether it’s a digital dashboard that provides at-a-glance student achievement snapshots, guidance on how to create dynamic professional learning communities, or training on how to manage various budget strings, we aim to provide as many as we can.

One of the ways we set the stage for principals’ success is with the New and Emerging Leaders Institute, which started this week and lasts through early August. This marks the second year for HISD to conduct this event, which gives first-year and up-and-coming principals valuable tips and insights into how to manage their campuses.

Since September 2012, more than 50 aspiring campus leaders have been promoted to principals in HISD. The majority of these were internal candidates who were already serving in other administrative roles, such as assistant principal or dean. Please join me in wishing these Team HISD members well as they assume their new positions. I know that as a district, we will be doing everything we can to ensure their success.

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