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Why it’s important for all of us to practice

2013 August 8
by HISD Communications

At our annual Welcome Back event at Chávez High School, where principals, assistant principals, and support staff gather to greet new faces and get energized for the coming year, we heard a rousing speech from our new Leadership Development officer, Alan Hooker.

He challenged us to “dream beyond our circumstances,” and outlined four steps to becoming great all over:

  • Picture your dream
  • Plan it
  • Practice it
  • Go after it!

All summer across our district, teachers, principals, support staff, and students have been practicing away. Getting geared up for PowerUp—our laptop program that launches this year in 11 pilot schools—brought tech-savvy teachers together for training. On Monday, those teachers will get their laptops, and we couldn’t be more excited about how this will transform instruction in their classrooms.

In about a week, 13,000 teachers will participate in the Rigor Institute, which will help students receive rigorous instruction every day in every classroom. Our school bus drivers learned from the Houston Fire Department how to respond to emergencies during realistic rescue drills—these photos are unbelievable. 

Even our students have been practicing. About 100 students attended a four-week SAT boot camp, and some of them saw scores improve by 600 points.

That’s why we practice—it pushes us closer to our dreams.

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