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Shaping our grads into learners, thinkers, doers

2014 July 16
by HISD Communications

In our complex world, it’s not enough for educators merely to lead students through a set of graduation requirements. Our students’ lives don’t end with a diploma, and neither does our obligation to prepare them for life beyond high school.

And so, as part of the launch of our new Linked Learning approach blending academics with preparation for life, we’re going through a fascinating exercise to create a profile of an ideal graduate — one who is ready to move on to higher education, career, family, and community life with knowledge, depth, and integrity.

Assisting us in this venture are representatives from higher education and the job marketplace, who know what they’re looking for now, and are looking into the future to anticipate what today’s grad will face. Starting July 28, you’ll have a chance to offer your ideas, too, and next month, we expect the Board of Education to vote on an official profile after reviewing all the input and adding their own ideas.

Think about what qualities you expect from a co-worker, an employee, a boss, a community leader, a neighbor, a spouse. Each and every HISD grad may fill some or all of those roles. Will they be able to read, write, and speak fluently, as well as listen and comprehend? Are we preparing them to be critical thinkers and problem-solvers? Will they be collaborative, decisive, honorable, and responsible?

Mastery of core subjects and electives can make a graduate well-educated. But exposure to and mastery of life and workplace skills equally shape a young person’s potential for success and happiness. We’re excited to be defining our ideal graduate, and honored to be helping shape our future.

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