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Teachers ready to make magic in the classroom

2014 July 30
by HISD Communications

HISD’s pledge to put an “Effective Teacher in Every Classroom” becomes vivid at this time of year as we sponsor our New Teacher Academy. We put faces on our vigorous efforts to recruit the most committed and energetic educators to shape the futures of our youngsters, and get our first up-close exposure to the spirit they bring to our campuses.

Probably no single function in this district is as important as hiring, training, and nurturing our teachers. Teaching ceased being simply about mastery of subject matter a long time ago. But will our new teachers embrace our 21st century technology and use it wisely and creatively with their students? Are they prepared to personalize each youngster’s learning experience to make sure they reach their potential? Are they willing to share their own experiences and life stories to connect to students?

The academy prepares HISD’s new crop of teachers. We help them to be inspired, encourage them to be innovative, and give them the tools they need to go beyond being effective to become exemplary.  Beyond the academy, they will find support at their schools and through the relevant professional development we provide.

As we get acquainted with these “newbies,” there’s another aspect of teacher hiring to consider. Today’s teachers are tomorrow’s teacher mentors, lead teachers, school administrators and specialists — and eventually, district leaders. Their development started this week, but how these new teachers grow – what they give in the classroom and what they learn from every student — will enrich all of us and move us ever closer to Becoming #GreatAllOver.

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