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Giving thanks for all of HISD’s blessings

2014 November 20
by HISD Communications

Before you give thanks next week with your family and friends and slice into your turkey, I hope you pause a few moments and consider with me our blessings in HISD. Here are a few of many that I am counting:

  • The members of Team HISD — whether in offices, classrooms, patrolling our schools, serving food, driving buses and so much more. Their dedication to our children is inspirational.
  • Our diversity. HISD students have an advantage in becoming citizens of the world because they experience a richness of cultures and languages right in their own midst, thanks to our international population and city.
  • A supportive community. Whether it’s our community partners who offer assistance to individual schools and programs, volunteers who help in our schools, or organizations giving scholarships to our graduates, we’re fortunate to have these strong partnerships. That also includes taxpayers who approve the bonds that are building 21st century schools and equipping us with technology that is transforming how we teach and how our students learn.
  • Recognition of HISD’s accomplishments. It’s been a good year: a $30 million federal Race to the Top grant, wide publicity across the U.S. about our PowerUp technology initiative, and a national award I received recently from the Council of the Great City Schools, which was a testament to everything our team has been doing.

Thanks to everyone for helping HISD to become Great All Over. Make the best of the holiday break.


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