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Envisioning HISD’s 21st century graduate — global skills, traditional values

2014 December 4
by HISD Communications

Starting soon, you’re going to be hearing about our vision of what qualities a 21st Century HISD Graduate should possess. This vision is a culmination of a great deal of thought and conversation among campus leaders, Central Office staff, and representatives from community, industry, and higher education.

Back when I graduated from high school in the late 1960s, our goals were generally to find life’s work that would offer some dignity and pay enough to raise a family.

We had to master the three Rs, but beyond that, there were essentially only two pathways from which to choose. If we were academically inclined, we moved on to college, which was much less competitive and costly in those days. Most young people, though, moved straight into the job market or into family professions or businesses.

I don’t need to tell you how that has changed in just about 45 years. The education and skills required to succeed — not just in your hometown, but on a global level — have become profoundly more complex.

Our new graduate profile will help connect our vision, our initiatives, and our work in HISD to launch young people who can think critically, lead, communicate, collaborate, and set and attain goals. Although our community is now global and our pathways have diversified, I find it interesting — and comforting — that this model graduate really reflects the same strong personal values and deep character that we’ve always prized in this country.

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