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HISD is on fast-forward to create globally competitive learners

2015 January 29
by HISD Communications

Twentieth-century education is dusty history — no more three Rs, slide rules, and cookie-cutter schools. HISD’s core instruction now includes computer coding and foreign language. Basic equipment means laptops and digital curricula. Our new schools are being customized to each learning community’s needs.

Now well into the 21st century, we’re setting our sights even broader. With the recent creation of an Office of Global Education, HISD has taken our vision worldwide, pulling together a number of world-view programs and initiatives under one umbrella.

That includes our expanding dual language programs, International Baccalaureate, and international specialty schools — and an assessment that measures how HISD students measure up against their peers around the globe.

We hosted an important conference this week of educators from around the state to analyze results of that measurement, known as the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) Test, to brainstorm where we can become more globally competitive. I wrote about this in the Houston Chronicle last weekend.

Two years ago, HISD developed the concept of “Becoming Great All Over.” That notion has evolved far beyond its original intent. Our mission is to provide personalized pathways for each student to become a confident, contributing citizen of the world.


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