2012 Bond Proposal Calls for New DeBakey High School in the Heart of the Texas Medical Center

The 2012 bond proposal includes $64.5 million to rebuild DeBakey High School for Health Professions. The new campus would be located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center and would provide students with expanded access to health care and research facilities. DeBakey is one several HISD magnet and specialty schools that would be rebuilt under the 2012 Bond proposal.


Current DeBakey HS.

A new campus is also planned for the nationally renowned High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. It would be built downtown near Houston’s vaunted Theater District on land that HISD already owns at 1300 Capitol.


HSPVA would get a new campus under the 2012 bond.

 In all, the 2012 bond proposal includes funding to rebuild or renovate 38 schools, upgrade technology in all HISD classrooms, and make other districtwide improvements. The Board of Education is set to vote on the 2012 bond proposal on August 9. If an election is called and the measure is approved by voters in November, the design phase of the bond project could begin in early 2013 and construction of new schools would likely start in 2014.