Superintendent Terry Grier and Trustee Anna Eastman Begin First Day of School at HILZ Academy at Scarborough High School

HISD Superintendent Terry Grier and Board of Education Trustees  are visiting schools this morning to welcome students back to class. Dr. Grier and Trustee Anna Eastman are currently visiting Scarborough High School. The school offers Pre-AP and AP classes. It is also home to a new Houston Innovative Learning Zone (HILZ) Academy. The HILZ program provides students with an opportunity to earn a college associate’s degree and valuable career certifications while in high school.  This way, students are equally prepared to thrive at a university or land lucrative jobs in some of the region’s most in-demand professions immediately after graduating. “It doesn’t cost the students anything and that is exciting,” Dr. Grier said. “This is a good opportunity for all of our children.”

Scarborough Principal Jason Catchings greeted students and helped them find their classes. He said this year he made adjustments to the daily class schedule to provide more opportunities for students to receive tutoring during the school day.