Vote early and vote the entire ballot

Voters looking to cast their ballots early or on Election Day should remember that this year’s ballot covers a lot of ground – from the presidential race to the Houston Independent School District’s proposed $1.89 billion bond.

The school district’s bid to modernize and rebuild schools across Houston will be near the end of the ballot, after voters choose their president, county judges, constables and decide for or against several other propositions.

School officials are making a push to remind people to vote their ballot from start to finish, so they don’t overlook the bond proposal, which would fund new campuses for 20 high schools, renovations to four high schools and a partial replacement of four others.

See a sample ballot

The way the ballot is worded, voters won’t see the names of schools but just be asked to decide for or against the proposition.

Administrators hope many people will take advantage of early voting from Oct. 22 through Nov. 2, which will avoid the last-minute rush of the polling place. By choosing to vote early, residents can go to any of 37 locations, not just their designated polling site.

Want more inspiration to vote early? Check out this ‘Gangnam-style’ video.

For more information about the bond, visit the 2012 bond website.