HAIS Students Hold Voter Rally

The Houston Academy for International Studies held a “Get Out and Vote!” rally on Friday, Oct. 26, but their work is far from over. The students plan to march downtown this Friday (Nov. 2) on the final day of early voting to encourage any stragglers to head to the polls and finish the entire ballot. 

 [slideshow]At the rally last week, each school club hosted an activity to raise awareness about early voting opportunities. The chess club held a championship, student musicians performed, and there also was a pie-throwing contest. Students distributed fliers with early voting locations, times, and maps and placed them on cars in the school parking lot.

 “We wanted to raise excitement with the students and make sure that when they left school they told all their friends family and parents to go out and vote,” HAIS Principal Melissa Jacobs Thibaut said.

 This Friday, HAIS students will march from the school to the downtown area, stopping at the central voting location at the Harris County Administration Building (1001 Preston). Jacobs Thibaut said it’s an important time to get the word out.

 “We want to raise awareness that it’s the last day of early voting and people still have until 7 p.m. to get to the polls before starting their weekend, and if they can’t get out on Friday, then to please head to the polls on Nov. 6,” she said.