HISD’s Parent Super Centers cited by Education Week for technology outreach

Houston ISD and its Parent Super Centers were recently cited in an Education Week article about school districts reaching out to the community with technology and social networking.

The Super Centers, which opened at the beginning of this school year, are equipped with computers and software to help parents have access to new technology, learn how to use it and stay on top of their children’s education.

About 2,000 parents have already received training since the start of school this year, according to Kelly Cline, the senior manager of parent engagement for the Houston district.

The Super Centers are open before and after school, and during Summer School and on certain Saturdays. There are five in the district:

  • Sam Houston Math, Science and Technology High School, 9400 Irvington
  • Sutton Elementary, 7402 Albacore Drive
  • Kelso Elementary, 5800 Southmund
  • Hartman Middle School, 7111 Westover
  • Deady Middle School, 2500 Broadway

To learn more about the Super Centers, contact the district’s Parent Engagement Department at (713) 556-7290.

The article also cited other districts’ use of technology to engage parents, such as Skype (a live video/audio communication tool) for parent conferences in Pennsylvania, Twitter and Facebook in other districts and virtual newsletters in others. Houston ISD uses these tools to reach the community, too. You can connect with the district via TwitterFacebook or sign up for our weekly newsletter that highlights the goings-on across the district and important information for parents.