Austin/Chavez Livestock Show auction raises more than $80,000

Grand Champion Lamb: Andrea Ruiz, Austin HS, $6,170. (Web Team) The seventh annual Austin/Chavez Livestock Show, held at Austin on March 20-23, shattered its auction totals, attendance and sponsorship records.

The auction raised $80,856.65 — approximately double the amount raised in previous years.

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“This is a tremendous accomplishment that is owed to the hard work of our FFA (National Future Farmers Association) faculty sponsors, our students, sponsors and families involved on a day to day basis in the program,” Austin HS Principal Jorge Arredondo said.

More than 100 people registered as buyers and there were 12 major sponsors. More than 250 people, about 100 more people than the estimated 150 attendees in 2012, attended the auction.

“The proceeds from the auction are a tremendous benefit to the students and to the program overall, but what will stay with the students forever are the lessons in responsibility, consistency, and compassion learned via their individual projects.  FFA programs are a powerful way to impart lessons of leadership to our kids,” said Cecario Guerrero , the FFA faculty sponsor of the Austin HS program.

The Livestock Show showcases the work of FFA students in science, business, and technology of agriculture. Learning experiences include raising livestock, horticulture, advanced animal science, wildlife and fish ecology, and vocational certifications.

Grand and Reserve Champions, along with their total auction figures, include:

  • Grand Champion Steer:  Herberth Torres, Austin HS, $4,625
  • Grand Champion Swine:  Alejandra Ortiz, Chavez HS, $1,247
  • Grand Champion Goat:  Sarah Muñiz, Chavez HS, $1,160
  • Grand Champion Lamb:  Andrea Ruiz, Austin HS, $6,170
  • Grand Champion Rabbit:  Adrian Martinez, Austin HS, $2,045
  • Grand Champion Turkey:  Coby Lopez, Austin HS, $1,695
  • Grand Champion Broiler:  Daniel Rodriguez, Austin HS, $505
  • Reserve Grand Champion Steer:  Jeniffer Treviño, Austin HS, $5,115
  • Reserve Grand Champion Swine:  Gabriela Barron, Austin HS, $3,055
  • Reserve Grand Champion Goat:  Irma Muñiz, Chavez HS, $1,030
  • Reserve Grand Champion Lamb:  Stephanie Sorola, Chavez HS, $2,045
  • Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit:  Swaid Alrashed, Austin HS, $565
  • Reserve Grand Champion Turkey:  Alexis Garcia, Chavez HS, $1,580
  • Reserve Grand Champion Broiler:  Miranda Figueroa, Austin HS, $760

Horticulture projects were created by Chavez HS students with disabilities. The top auction horticulture project was an indoor planter created by Ezekiel Alcala, which was auctioned for $740.

The top five sponsors of the auction and of the program include:

  • Austin HS  FFA Booster Clubs (approx. $26,000)
  • Chavez HS FFA Booster Club (approx. $3,400)
  • Pony Xpress Cook-Off Team ($9,400)
  • Rincon Law Firm (approx. $5,000)
  • Gary and Cheryl Deitcher ($2,300)

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