Youth Watch

Urgent! Do you know of a HISD youth, ages 13 years to 21 years old, who is not in school and has not graduated from high school? This could be your son or daughter, your neighbor’s child or family member, or a friend of your child who is not in school.  If so, please make a difference in this youth’s future by printing this flyer (English/Spanish) or calling 713-556-7017.  Help a youth return to school today!


Youth Watch is a call to action for parents, grandparents, families, and community members to assist HISD in helping former students get back into school.  Through collective support, a strong infrastructure of parents and community and school will sustain a caring supportive environment where youth can thrive and achieve.

Youth Watch is a comprehensive  strategy designed to help  link former HISD students with  a campus to complete their requirements for graduation.  HISD is a district of choice, providing a diverse portfolio of educational options.  Students may choose from strong neighborhood schools, magnet and specialized programs, or career and technical academies.  Through the district’s non-traditional school options, HISD addresses the needs of students who wish to complete graduation requirements online, attend school during nontraditional hours, or recover credits to graduate.  

  • Virtual Schools: HISD offers several options to students who wish to complete courses online.
  • Twilight Schools: Is it difficult for you to attend school during the regular day? If so, HISD’s Twilight High School program might be for you!
  • Grad Labs: Located in every large, traditional high school in HISD, Grad Labs help struggling students receive supplemental learning opportunities through online coursework and tutoring on state tests and college entrance exams.

Youth Watch is a program designed to help promote and prevent dropouts throughout the year and to complement ongoing campus efforts to increase the graduation rate of HISD students.  Won’t you join our Youth Watch effort and make a difference in a youth’s life?