School Choice Orientation Sessions Scheduled Through Oct. 3

Several hundred parents and students came out to Burbank MS on Sept. 17 to learn more about school-choice options available at HISD and preview HISD’s new online magnet application. While HISD will continue to take paper applications for the district’s 115 magnet schools, the new online system will make it more convenient and less time-consuming for parents and students.

“Many of my parents work two jobs, and don’t have the time or even gas money to drive around from school to school to drop off their magnet applications and necessary paperwork,” said Burbank MS principal Rosa Hernandez. “This new online system values our parents’ time and will make it much more convenient for them.”

As part of the new online process, parents only need to drop off the required documents such as proof of residency, test scores, and previous report cards to one magnet school. Before this, applications and copies of paperwork had to be delivered to every school a student was interested in attending.

“This is really going to help me out when it comes time to apply in November, “said HISD parent Elizabeth Cortez. “I have two children in HISD magnet programs, so it’s great that the district is making it easier for parents with multiple children.”

Parents and students are invited to attend one of the school-choice orientation sessions over the next several weeks to learn more about the online option and new application guidelines.




October 3

6:00 pm- 7:30 pm

Forest Brook Middle School
7525 Tidwell
Houston, TX 77016
(713) 633-0670

Magnet applications for the 2014–2015 school year will be accepted beginning November 4, 2013, and must be submitted no later than December 20, 2013, in order to be guaranteed consideration in the first round.