Share your thoughts with us here on HISD’s 2013 Broad Prize win!

On Sept. 25, 2013, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced that HISD was the winner of the 2013 Broad Prize in Urban Education. It was the second time for the district to win the award. HISD also took home the inaugural Broad Prize in 2002. Leave a comment here if you’d like to offer congratulations to teachers, students, principals, or the support staff for their hard work.

6 thoughts on “Share your thoughts with us here on HISD’s 2013 Broad Prize win!

  1. Lester Murphy

    Congratulations to all who work in transportation, for their dedication to getting the kids to school on time. Before the schools are open, these employees are at work, going about the duties of transporting our future. Over nine hundred routes on the roads every day , times two. Thanks for all you do, everyday !

  2. Sara Peredo

    Perhaps many have not understood the path HISD has taken, but it is evident that what has been accomplished has been from the result of difficult decisions, changes in curriculum, raising the expectations, releasing the negatives, transforming not only the structures within but that of the buildings that have sat idle for so long. Change is never easy but without change, we remain stagnant, and our students suffer from our unwillingness to move forward. At our school, change has met resistance, but the example and high expectations that our leader has demonstrated have allowed us to move forward. Although we have lost many who were unwilling to change, we have acquired people who are here for the students and are making the most of what the school district has to offer. Congratulations to all the members of Team HISD…and that includes the community of Raul C. Martinez Elementary!

  3. Elizabeth Harrison

    Want to know why HISD got the prize? Walk in the door of Sharpstown HS and observe Rob Gasparello and his staff at work. Or Google “PBS Dropout” and watch online. But be aware that they nurture all of their students with award winning athletic teams, band and theater groups, a program for the gifted, as well as supper and weekend food for those who need it. They are awesome!

  4. Robin

    Here’s to Counselor Harris and A.P. Tezeno for guiding last year’s 8th graders and preparing present and future students for the challenge.

  5. Robin Remes

    Here’s to Counselor Harris and A.P. Tezeno for guiding present, past, and future 8th graders to success!

  6. Amy Frederick

    As a new mom and parent of a prospective HISD student, I am closely keeping my eye on the district. Well done!!

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