Group Helps District Stay Connected to Hispanic Community

Almost 63 percent of HISD students are Hispanic, and that number is likely to increase as the Houston community continues to diversify. As part of the district’s continuing efforts to engage and empower the local Hispanic community, HISD has created a special advisory committee. The HISD Hispanic Advisory Committee is made up of community leaders from local educational institutions, businesses, government, and faith-based organizations.

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Gracie Saenz talks with HISD Board President Anna Eastman about the importance of the district’s Hispanic Advisory Board.

“HISD is a large institution, and being able to become familiar with all the district’s moving parts, initiatives, and programs is crucial for us to understand how HISD is impacting and can impact the Hispanic community,” said HISD Hispanic Advisory Committee Member Gracie Saenz.

Saenz is one of 17 committee members who meet every other month at HISD. Saenz and fellow Advisory Board Member Rebecca Reyna recently discussed the importance of engaging Houston’s large Hispanic community while filming a segment for the television program “HISD Up Close” with HISD Board President Anna Eastman.

“This is my first year on the board, and as a graduate of an HISD school, I want to ensure that I am informing my community of what is going on at HISD as it relates to preparing Houston’s Hispanic community for college and a career,” said Reyna.

You can watch the entire interview with Reyna and Saenz, along with HISD Board Member Manuel Rodriguez Jr., by clicking here.