South Early College High School celebrates first ‘I Love STEM’ day

While many were planning to deliver flowers and boxes of chocolate on Feb. 14, the faculty, staff, and students of South Early College High School (SECHS) celebrated its first “I Love STEM” day.

Representatives from various organizations, including NASA, San Jacinto College, iRobot, and C-STEM came to share information about careers in science, technology, engineering, and math, as well as donate materials for hands-on activities.

Eighth-graders from Attucks, Hartman, and Thomas middle schools visited the campus to participate in a variety of problem-solving and interactive learning experiences related to STEM.

“It is important for our students to focus on STEM every day because it helps to raise their awareness that STEM is all around them,” said SECHS Principal Steven Gourrier. “STEM has a powerful impact on their present and future learning in school and in high-impact careers that will make a difference in their communities.”

“I wanted our high-school students to be exposed to the career opportunities that are available to them,” said Claudia Hill, the SECHS biology teacher and faculty advisor who coordinated the event. “And I wanted our middle-school students to discover that South Early is a school that will help them prepare for careers in STEM.”

SECHS is HISD’s only STEM magnet early college, aimed at increasing student awareness of and preparation for careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, all while earning an associate’s degree tuition-free from Houston Community College.

One thought on “South Early College High School celebrates first ‘I Love STEM’ day

  1. Heather McNeil

    Thiis is a wonderful way to expose the students to the many career opportunities in STEM.
    Thanks to the Early College and the organizers to move the great idea from concept to reality.
    Many thanks to ExxonMobil and their associates for accomodating the students and modelling for
    them the ‘possibilities’ available, to them through academic applications , perserverance and hard work.

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