Lemonade Day kickoff highlights youth entrepreneurship

Lemonade Day is more than just putting up an impromptu neighborhood stand – and Monday’s kickoff at HISD’s DeZavala Elementary School highlighted all the strategy and business skills that go into creating successful young entrepreneurs.

DeZavala students, along with Lemonade Day Founder Michael Holthouse, State Sen. Sylvia Garcia, HISD Chief Middle Schools Officer Michael Cardona, and Telemundo Houston News Anchor Martin Berlanga, kicked off the event, which started in Houston in 2007 and has since gone nationwide.

Lemonade Day, which is scheduled for May 4, is a free, hands-on learning program that teaches youth how to start, own and operate a lemonade stand. The young entrepreneurs benefit from a strategic 14-step process that walks them from a dream of owning and operating their own business to creating a business plan.

Nine-year-old student Mikaela Ulmer shared her experience in owning and running a lemonade business last year. “With my lemonade money, I give to organizations that help the bees, then I save a portion in my bank account for things I may need, and I spend a small portion on fun things for me and my brother,” Ulmer said.

Her acts of giving, saving and spending are principles that Lemonade Day encourages every year. Youngsters are encouraged to work hard and make a profit. They learn how to spend as well as how to save wisely. They are also encouraged to share by giving back to their communities.

“It’s important to set goals, and then spend some, save some and share some of your money,” said Holthouse. “Lemonade Day is a wonderful way for children to get engaged in the entrepreneurial spirit.”

Each year, Lemonade Day is observed on the first Sunday in May, when youth around the city take to the streets of their communities to open their stands and put the business skills they have learned into practice.

To learn more about participating in Lemonade Day, visit www.lemonadeday.org.

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  1. mikaila

    thank you DE Zavala Elementary for a fun day. I hope you liked my lemonade and thank you for laughing at my silly bee jokes.

    love & lemonade

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