Don’t lose your slot: Acceptances to magnet, Vanguard programs due Friday

Deadline is Friday, April 11, for students who applied to a magnet or Vanguard program for the 2014-2015 school year to accept a place at a school for which they were offered admission.

Parents must notify the school directly or accept via the school choice online dashboard. Their acceptance will be final once they complete the steps outlined when they make their selection.

“A student’s acceptance does not remove him or her from the waitlists to other schools,” said School Services Officer Dr. Lupita Hinojosa. “However, they will decline all other offers when they accept the school of his or her choice.”

If a student is on the waitlist to three schools, he or she will continue to be on the waitlist regardless of accepting admission to another school. If the same student was offered admission to five other schools, he/she will decline them once he accepts a school of his/her choice.

Because of fluctuating waitlists, parents are encouraged to frequently check their school choice online dashboard for an updated number. Those unsure about your place on a waitlist, should first check the online School Choice online dashboard at

Anyone believing a waitlist number is incorrect should contact the School Choice hotline at 713-556-6947 or via email at

Following the Dec. 20 deadline for the first round, HISD’s school choice office continued to accept applications for all magnet and Vanguard programs. The applications submitted after the first deadline will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Students who apply to programs with openings will be accepted if qualifications are met, after waitlists are met, and in order of application.

Once students who applied by Dec. 20 and participated in the lottery accept or decline their offers, a new document listing schools with openings will be posted on the HISD School Choice website.

For frequently asked questions, visit the site at

3 thoughts on “Don’t lose your slot: Acceptances to magnet, Vanguard programs due Friday

  1. HISD Communications Post author

    The waitlists are being updated as spots are declined. You may want to get in touch with the magnet coordinators at the schools you are on the waitlists for and see if/when they think your number will come up.

  2. Amy Tate

    My child is accepted at one magnet school. He is also on two other wait lists with relatively low numbers. How many times can he change his mind, based on the various calls we are anticipating from these wait lists? I have heard two different answers from the magnet directors at the two waiting list schools. One says you can only change your mind once, while the other said you can change up to as many times as you are on waiting lists. Please clarify.

    Thank you.

    1. HISD Communications Post author

      As spaces become available where students are waitlisted, parents are able to accept seats until the Friday before school starts. If you need more information, please call the Office of School Choice at 713-556-6974.

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