HISD to host North Forest ISD memorabilia auction

Houston Independent School District’s Warehouse Operations department is coordinating a North Forest ISD memorabilia auction to run for two weeks beginning on May 12.

School banners, team uniforms, trophies and other memorabilia retrieved from the former North Forest ISD campuses will be auctioned off and will be open to the public with a low starting bid for each item or lot. The items, including a few school mascot costumes, date as far back as 1981 and go through 2013.

“The auction is being held to give the community and former North Forest students a fair chance to own a piece of their school’s legacy,” said HISD Senior Manager of Warehouse Operations Nicole Ware-Smith.

North Forest ISD became a part of Houston ISD on July 1, 2013, by the order of Texas Education Agency. About 7,000 NFISD students became HISD students during the annexation date.

Anyone who is interested will have a fair chance of obtaining a piece of NFISD’s history. “Auctions will start as low as $1, so the intention is not to make a profit but to distribute these items as fairly as possible,” Ware-Smith said. “There are close to 400 individual auction lots grouped by school [or] type, so there is plenty to go around.”

The items may be viewed at http://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/houstonisd,tx /browse/home from May 12 through May 25. For more information, contact Nicole Ware-Smith at (713) 676-9410.