Whidby ES baton-twirlers headed to state finals after first-place finish in Corpus

Baton-twirling’s heyday may be about 60 years behind it, but a group of 14 girls from HISD’s Whidby Elementary School is bringing back that lost art with an amazing run for the national title next month.

The Whidby team, which just ended its very first year under the guidance of teacher Crystal Evans, is already headed to the state finals in Dallas at the end of June, after earning the first-place prize and the highest possible ranking (a “one”) at a regional competition of the National Baton Twirling Association in Corpus Christi.

“In a community where competitive baton twirling is virtually unheard of, these young ladies are headed to the top,” said Evans. “They have exceeded all expectations, and they have paid for their entire journey themselves through several different fundraisers, including school dances, barbecues, popcorn-selling, etc.”

To get to the regional competition, the team placed first in their division at the “Twirl in the Woods” contest in The Woodlands. If the girls qualify at the state competition in Dallas later this month, they will move on to the America’s Youth on Parade competition (considered by some to be the “World Series” of twirling) in South Bend, Indiana, at Notre Dame University.

“I have attended the state competition for the past 18 years and the Whidby Majorettes will be the first group of African-American girls to compete,” added Evans. “They are making history!”

6 thoughts on “Whidby ES baton-twirlers headed to state finals after first-place finish in Corpus

  1. Melanie Davis-Sanchez

    That is so awesome! These young ladies not only exude talent in twirling, but are also focused and successful in their academics. It is awesome that their coach has also focused her efforts in ensuring that these young ladies are committed to their studies and community service. Good luck you all!!!

  2. Gail Gillespie

    I’m a grandmother of five little one 3-girls and 2 boys.Ms. Crystal Evan I saw your motivation on the news and that’s beautiful. How can I sign my 2 older girls on your team.Their ages are 10yrs and 7yrs old.

    (P.S. Looking forward to hear from you)

    Thank You,
    Gail Gillespie

    1. Crystal Evans

      Hi Gail thank you so much for your interest!! I will be having open auditions the first week in September. Please email me and I will send you the info
      Look forward to hearing from you!!

      C. Evans

      1. Debra Minnella

        Finally a show about baton twirling!!!!!! My daughter twirled from 3 years (twirling age 2) until 8th grade. She was on a team in Illinois (The Silver Knights) and twirled individually. Her team even won at nationals a year for worlds and qualified to go to Holland and compete! She had so many great experiences as a twirler, it taught her grace and poise. She is a senior in collage and every interview she goes to she gets the job!!! I am sure that the interviews for the modeling pageants helped! I miss it so much. Glad to see it on TV most people think of baton as ” gogo” boots and a big hat. Good luck to your team!!!!

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