HISD schools fare well in state accountability ratings

The Houston Independent School District earned an overall “Met Standard” rating, according to school accountability results released today by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

The number of HISD campuses awarded a Met Standard rating also grew. Nearly 83 percent of the schools met all required performance standards, compared to 78 percent in 2012-2013.

“The work we are doing to address schools that were falling behind in student achievement is paying off,” said HISD Superintendent Terry Grier. “There is still more work to be done, but we are headed in the right direction. We will continue to find ways to close the performance gap and improve student achievement.”


The state’s rating system assesses the district and schools on a variety of index targets to develop the ratings. If all four targets for the district elementary and middle/junior high schools and three targets for high schools and alternative schools are met, the campus receives a “Met Standard” rating. “Improvement Required” is assigned if at least one of the targets is missed.

HISD campuses fared well in all four categories:

  • Student achievement: 236 out of 264 rated schools (89 percent) met standard
  • Student progress: 207 out of 214 rated schools (97 percent) met standard
  • Closing performance gaps: 243 out of 264 rated schools (92 percent) met standard
  • Postsecondary readiness: 235 out of 264 rated schools (89 percent) met standard

In addition, distinction designations were awarded to campuses based on performance in comparison to other campuses of similar type, size, and student demographics. These designations acknowledge that these campuses not only met accountability standards but also demonstrated outstanding academic performance in other areas.

  • Distinction for student progress: 71 schools
  • Distinction for academic achievement in reading/English language arts: 124 schools
  • Distinction for academic achievement in math: 98 schools
  • Distinction for academic achievement in science:  72 schools
  • Distinction for academic achievement in social studies:  32 schools
  • Distinction for closing achievement gaps:  98 schools
  • Distinction for postsecondary readiness:  93 schools

HISD has 44 schools that were listed as “Improvement Required.” This year’s ratings do not include schools that were part of North Forest ISD, which the TEA directed HISD to absorb in the fall of 2013. Two additional schools were also exempt because of the percentage of North Forest ISD students enrolled.

To access a list of the TEA’s rankings of all HISD schools, click here.