Lamar student charged with making terroristic threats

HISD police announced Thursday afternoon that the Harris County District Attorney’s Office has accepted charges against a 16-year-old Lamar student accused of making terroristic threats related to social media posts on Twitter late Wednesday.  The student is fully cooperating with authorities.

One thought on “Lamar student charged with making terroristic threats

  1. Taryn

    I understand and appreciate how terrifying this incident must be for everyone associated with Lamar, but my honest opinion is that there must have been some motive behind the threats. Many school fatalities and incidents happen because of previous incidents involving bullying. We perceive bullying victim as small and week. In some cases our reasoning stands. However in other cases we are dead wrong. Victims are people, and we know by scientific research and our own experiences that everyone is different, therefore logically, all bullying victims are capable of reacting in different ways. Under no circumstances do I think that any previous incidents excuse what this student did, however I strongly believe that Lamar needs to take a serious look at what they have in place for Ventilation of anger into sports, writing, singing, drawing, anything really, can make a world of difference to a student. I’m glad everyone’s okay and the threats we’re not followed up on. I wish the best for this student and his/her family, so they can figure everything out.

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