HISD Transportation, Facilities Services recognized as top performers

The Council of the Great City Schools has recognized HISD’s Transportation and Facilities Services departments as top performers in student transportation and facilities maintenance and operations.

The Council’s Performing and Benchmarking Project’s “Managing for Results in America’s Great City Schools” report defines and presents an extensive array of statistical indicators developed by CGCS and its member urban school districts to measure performance on a broad range of operational functions, including business services, finances, human resources, and technology.

“America’s great city schools are under enormous pressure to strengthen their management, operations and resource use. The Houston Independent School District has risen to the challenge. It is using a series of key performance indicators developed by the Council of the Great City Schools to improve effectiveness, increase efficiencies and drive down costs in its transportation, facilities and maintenance operations,” said Bob Carlson, director of management services for the Council of the Great City Schools.

Top leaders from each of the departments are being invited to a CGCS annual meeting on April 21-24 to serve as panelists in their areas of expertise and share management best practices with colleagues from other urban districts, focusing on completion times and cost management.

“This recognition exemplifies the culture of service excellence we are creating at HISD,” said Leo Bobadilla, the district’s chief operating officer. “We are proud to share our best practices with other school districts, and we are eager to hear what they have to share as well.”

The Council of the Great City Schools brings together the nation’s largest urban public school systems in a coalition dedicated to the improvement of education for children in the inner cities. The Council and its member school districts work to help schoolchildren meet the highest standards to become successful and productive members of society.