Yates HS students create video for PowerUp persuasion

Students at Yates High School are encouraging their classmates to join the digital revolution by creating a video touting the benefits of the district’s one-to-one initiative which provides every high school student with a laptop. Yates, and over a dozen other HISD high schools have distributed nearly 18,000 student laptops over the last five weeks. The distribution is part of the district’s digital transformation known as PowerUp.

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Before students can be issued a laptop, they must sign a proper use agreement and pay a $25 non-refundable deposit. To assist with the process, students at Yates have crafted an energetic and informative video encouraging their classmates to return their forms and fees  so their school can achieve a goal of 100 percent distribution on campus.

Principal Donetrus G. Hill explained that students wrote, composed, choreographed, and produced the video. “We are so thankful for the laptops, and the students are committed to 100 percent deployment,” Hill said. “This was not something we asked them to do. They did it on their own.”

The PowerUp laptop program is in its second phase. When fully implemented, all 65,000 high school students will have laptops to use for learning at school and at home.


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  1. Paul Bennett

    That’s how it’s done at JY babbyyyy!!!! JY always takes the lead. The rest of you can follow now.

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