METRO to introduce new bus routes starting Aug. 16

The back-to-school commute for students who take METRO has just gotten easier.

METRO’s New Bus Network has revamped local bus routes to give its riders straighter, simpler routes that connect students to more places, more often.

METRO will soon have three color-coded routes:

  • Red (most frequent): There are 22 routes that offer buses scheduled to arrive every 15 minutes or less, seven days a week.
  • Blue (moderately frequent): Buses are scheduled to arrive every 30 minutes are less, seven days a week.
  • Green (least frequent): Buses come every 60 minutes.

Click here to see a complete list of bus route schedules. Students can also use a cool new tool that will help them find out when the next two buses are arriving. Every bus stop has a unique bus stop ID number, located on the plastic info post strapped to the bus-stop pole. Students who text that ID number to a short code (697 433) will get a text back with the real-time arrival of the next two buses.

Students who take the city bus system to school are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new routes before school starts on Monday, Aug. 24. To help them get acclimated, METRO has announced that everyone can ride for free Aug. 16–22. Students can also travel for half the usual fare during the rest of the year.

Check out this video, and learn more about METRO’s New Bus Network.