Class of 1975 plants tree at Forest Brook MS to honor the past, inspire the future

HISD’s Forest Brook campus served as a high school for more than 40 years before it was converted into a middle school in 2013. And on Oct. 16, members of that school’s Class of 1975 came together to plant a magnolia tree on campus in honor of the more than 30 classmates who have passed away since graduation.

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“We’ve lost 33 people since 1975,” said class member and Memorial Ceremony Chair Val Adams. “We picked the magnolia because it doesn’t need a whole lot of water, and they practically live forever. As it grows, it will remain a symbol of strength and history.”

“Magnolia trees symbolize hope, faith, strength, and abundance,” added Simmie Jossie-Driver, the senior class president of 1975. “We hope that it will be a source of inspiration for many years to come.”

“This is bigger than just a tree,” said event coordinator Nikki Knight. “The alumni association wanted to do something memorable to connect the generations. They also plan to be more active on campus by volunteering and acting as mentors to current students.”