Schools advance to ‘Sweet 16’ round of Read to the Final Four

Sixteen HISD elementary schools advanced to the third round – the Sweet 16 – of the NCAA Read to the Final Four Literacy Program, thanks to some very determined third-grader readers.

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The students logged an additional 763,804 minutes of reading time for a total of 1,905,097 minutes since the launch of the literacy competition. Nearly 4,000 students logged reading time during this round.
Here is the ranking of elementary schools that made it to this round:

Number 16: Marshall
Number 15: Anderson
Number 14: Hobby
Number 13: Janowski
Number 12: Dogan
Number 11: Port Houston
Number 10: Highland Heights
Number 9: Brookline
Number 8: Elmore
Number 7: Walnut Bend
Number 6: Petersen
Number 5: Browning
Number 4: Tijerina
Number 3: Fondren
Number 2: Kennedy

And, the school that ranked the highest for the second time in a row: Carrillo Elementary!

Congratulations to all the elementary schools in the contest. Third-graders participating in the third round will receive a book to keep, courtesy of the NCAA Read to the Final Four Literacy Program.

The competition was created by HISD in partnership with the Houston NCAA Final Four Local Organizing Committee, Houston Public Library, and University of Houston.

Students who did not advance should keep reading, because there may be additional prizes for top individual readers in April 2016.