Westbury HS staff tells students why they are inspirational

The world is full of stories about teachers who have inspired their students to reach for greatness.

But at HISD’s Westbury High School, campus staff members have turned the tables. Faculty and administrators alike have been stopping Westbury pupils in the hallways to share the many ways they feel inspired by these students to come to school every day and continue the work they do in public education.

“I am always trying to come up with ways that we can let everyone from outside see what’s going on inside Westbury High School,” said Principal Susan Monaghan. “Specifically the relationships that we develop with our students.”

You can watch the video, which was directed by Mario Parks and co-produced by Monaghan and At-Risk Program Administrator Craig Zeno, here:

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iigGtyhxhkg&feature=youtu.be”]

7 thoughts on “Westbury HS staff tells students why they are inspirational

  1. Danielle Williams

    I love this. The expressions on the children’s faces were priceless. This is why I wanted to be an educator.

  2. Shelly Hulbirt

    This is just awesome. Those kids will never forget that moment when their teacher or administrator told they they were an inspiration. I love this video!!!

  3. Martha Navarro

    This is so beautiful!! The youth today needs this type of encouragement to push them a little bit more to graduating and getting ready for adult life. Our kids today face a lot more obstacles than ever before and how awesome it is to hear it from our teachers that THEY are the inspirations for US!!! Beautiful! Just beautiful!!

  4. Carmen Munoz

    So proud of being a Westbury Alumni and so proud of the great positive things that are taking place! This is so touching and inspirational to see. It reminds us as campus staff why we are here in the first place! Great job Monaghan and staff!! Keep up the good work!

  5. Maria

    This is so touching! I love coming to work because of the students at my school! They are funny, quirky, smart, crazy, and loving and they become part of your family. Hugging them good morning or hugging them goodbye is not mandatory. It’s a blessing to have each day and the love we receive from our students is so huge that we can’t help but smile all day at work. You become their family. If one of my kids sees a new kid being rude or disrespectful, they are quick to tell their classmate, “Hey, you don’t disrespect her!” HOW CAN THAT NOT MAKE YOU SMILE TO KNOW AND FEEL THAT LOVE AND RESPECT FROM NOT ONE BUT FROM MANY DAILY? PRICELESS.

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