Information you need to know after inclement weather days this week

With HISD schools and district offices having closed on Monday and Tuesday of this week due to widespread flooding across the city, here is some useful information and answers to questions you might have as students return to school today:

If students are unable to attend school because of safety or transportation concerns, will the absences be excused?

Yes, absences due to flood-related issues of this nature will be excused. Please notify your school.

For students with excused absences due to flood related issues, what is the impact to perfect attendance qualifications?

If the only absences a student has are due to flood-related issues during this timeframe, those excused absences will not count against qualifications for perfect attendance.

Is it possible for HISD to seek a waiver from the state for the two days that were missed?

The TEA has approved a waiver for the two days, and pending board approval, the district will not be required to make up those days.


Will the two days missed have any impact on graduation, final exam testing, or the STAAR testing schedules

The missed days will have no impact on final exam testing or the graduation schedule, and no STAAR testing was missed. Please see the testing calendar for more information.