Vote in second round of ‘Fan Favorite’ Teacher of the Year 

Two winners to be announced at May 20 Educators of the Year banquet

Over the past two weeks, HISD staff, students, and alumni voted over 85,000 times for their “Fan Favorite” Teacher of the Year. Voters could choose from any of the campus-based Teacher of the Year nominees. The votes are now tallied and the top four elementary and secondary teachers are moving on to round two. The finalists are: 


  • Tiffany Akpan from Sutton Elementary
  • Melanie Davis-Sanchez from Whidby Elementary
  • Jillean Herrera from De Zavala Elementary
  • Ariadne Paredes from Pugh Elementary


  • Kimberly Allen from Jackson Middle School
  • Morgan Dewitt from Long Academy
  • ShaRell Martin from Fleming Middle School
  • Valarie Moore from Gregory Lincoln Education Center

To vote for your Fan Favorite elementary and secondary teacher from among the finalists click here. Voting ends at 11:59 p.m., on Wednesday, May 18. Limit of one vote per day.

The winners, along with the district’s elementary and secondary teachers of the year, will be announced on Friday, May 20, at the Educators of the Year banquet at the Bayou City Event Center.

5 thoughts on “Vote in second round of ‘Fan Favorite’ Teacher of the Year 

  1. Nathan

    I think James Spriggs of Frank Black Middle school should be teacher of the year. He is always busting his you know what for his students.
    Mr Spriggs has over come some hard obstacles ( I can’t mention them because I want to respect his privacy) to come and do absolutely every thing he can to teach his class.
    Mr Spriggs is just an amazing man who deserves the honor of being teacher of the year.

  2. Carolyn Eli

    Ms. Sanchez , should be the teacher of because of all of her hard work and dedication. I have had several kids in her class she worked with each and everyone of them to get them on track not only did she work with them on there academics she worked with them on there self-esteem. I remember one of my kids said that he didn’t he couldn’t read and he didn’t know what he want to be when he grew up she got down to his level looked him in the eyes and told him I see a doctor, I see a Lawyer, I see a Firefighter and I even see a teacher, that kid had the biggest smile on his face he was inspired to work harder at school and at home. He wanted to work on his reading and spelling during his free time. That kid was able to pass all of his standardized test and move on to the next grade level and to this day he continues to do well. I love Whidby Elementary School where they have best teachers. Thanks again Ms. Sanchez you are my teacher of the year! !!!

  3. Asha

    I think our art teacher Ms. Thomas should be voted for teacher of the year because not only does she know how to get on our level of understanding but she also knows how to bring connection between her self and the classroom by telling us stories that relate to what our lesson is. Ms. Thomas who every art teacher wants to be. Ms. Thomas also has great encouraging skills ,and she knows how to make us feel good about our art even when we ourselves don’t like it. Ms. Thomas’ art class is not like coming in an boot camp and making things like picture frames with stars and sparkles. When you walk in to Ms. Thomas’ room you smell the fragrance of paint and soft music is playing. Ms. Thomas teaches us things that makes it seem like we we’ve been artist’ for years. She teaches us details, shading and things that advanced artists do. I would go on but it would be too much to explain how great Ms. Thomas is.

  4. Crystal Evans

    It is no surprise that Ms. Melanie Davis-Sanchez from Whidby Elementary has gotten to this point of the “Fan Favorite Teacher of the Year.” This woman is a true example of a DEDICATED teacher. I have worked beside her and personally witnessed the devout energy she pours into her students…not some…BUT ALL. She takes her job as an educator very serious and it is so extremely obvious that she cares about their growth. She constantly has nothing but positive words to say and studies her craft in a way that it is impossible for students not to learn under her guidance. Our students are very blessed to have her and I hope that she is around for a very long time to continue to impact our youth. Way to go Ms. Sanchez! My vote is for you!

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