HISD launching Literacy in the Middle to boost reading skills for middle-schoolers

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As HISD has worked to boost literacy among its younger students, the district is now expanding the successful Literacy By 3 program to include middle school students.

The Literacy in the Middle model includes best practices for read alouds, independent reading, writing, and small group instruction across all core disciplines for students in grades 6-8. Ultimately, students will be further engaged in their classes while advancing their literacy levels at the same time.

“We know that students need to be literate to experience success in all subject areas,” said Annie Wolfe, Officer of Secondary Curriculum & Development. “HISD set a great foundation with Literacy By 3, but expanding the program to include middle schools will further strengthen our students’ chances at educational success, high school success and college and career readiness.”

Wolfe said schools will have additional classroom materials and classroom libraries to provide more access to literary resources for students as a part of Literacy in the Middle.

To help prepare middle school teachers to effectively implement these practices into their classrooms, the district is providing summer or pre-service training to align strategies, common language, and develop proficiencies.

In the classroom, middle school students will experience more text-rich classrooms as well as have opportunities to read, write, speak, listen, and think.

“This is good work that will yield huge gains for our students. I’m so excited about Literacy in the Middle and am eager to see the immediate benefits to students this fall,” Wolfe said.