Transportation manager credited for saving bus driver’s life

Northwest Terminal Area Manager Terriel Price

Northwest Terminal Area Manager Terriel Price

When HISD bus driver Liliam Lemus fell ill shortly after returning from her route on Monday, Northwest Motor Pool Area Manager Terriel Price jumped into action.

Relying on training provided by HISD Transportation Services, Price performed CPR after Lemus stopped breathing.

“We called first responders and her relatives to let them know what was going on,” Price said. “While I had 911 on the phone, that’s when I performed CPR.”

Price utilized her first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation training — provided by the Transportation Department — to help save Lemus’ life.

“Because she was able to take advantage of that, she helped save a life,” HISD Transportation General Manager Nathan Graf said, noting the department’s commitment to safety. “It sounds like Terriel was in the right place at the right time.”

The department provides bus drivers and attendants with safety and prevention strategy training, including certified American Red Cross first aid and CPR training courses each year.

“Terriel had the skills and knowledge to take care of [Liliam],” Graf said. “She could have waited until help arrived, but she didn’t. Terriel stepped in, making sure Liliam was taken care of before the paramedics’ arrival. I’m really proud.”

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