HISD announces school winners of ‘We Khan Do It’ Challenge  

To boost college readiness across the district, HISD in mid-January challenged the district’s schools to compete for the most students using Khan Academy before the SAT test – and the results are in.

The three high schools with the most usage will receive financial support to enhance their college centers and/or support for college visits. Because college readiness starts early, elementary and middle schools were also part of the challenge. As part of a photo competition challenge, elementary and middle schools also arranged college visits for students and then tweeted pictures of those events. 

The winners in the three categories are:

Khan usage in larger 9-12 high schools

  • First place: Austin High School
  • Second place: Sharpstown High School
  • Third place: Westside High School

Khan usage in smaller 9-12 high schools

  • First place: Challenge High School
  • Second place: Energy Institute
  • Third place: North Houston Early College

Khan usage in 6-12 schools

    • First place: Young Women’s College Prep
    • Second place: Jane Long Academy
      • Third place: Mickey Leland College Prep

Winners of the elementary/middle school photo competition

      • Elementary schools: Ross, Anderson, and Bruce
      • Middle schools: Holland, Lawson, and Hartman

According to the CollegeBoard, 20 hours spent by students on the free official SAT practice on Khan Academy results in an average score gain of 115 points, compared to students who don’t use Khan.

Free personalized SAT practice is available for all HISD students at KhanAcademy.org/SAT.